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Random Ninjas will be rocking out at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture on Sept 11 – Saturday @ 4PM! Make sure to come early and help support the festival!

Hello everyone! To those of you who came to watch us last Thursday at Hot Topic, thanks and I hope you had as much fun as we did.  I sure had a good time not just because I’m playing great music with cool cats(!) but also because my family (adults + kids) came to check [...]


Hello nins!  I hope everyone had a wonderful new year’s celebration. I am blogging from a distant land, timezones and temperatures away, to the sound of a bilingual nephew’s laughter (washing toy cars in the bathroom).  It is hot and humid but I’m having fun in the company of family and good friends – over [...]


I’m still recovering from the show last night. I think I over did just a little, but that’s what happens when you have a big stage to play on.  I also want to thank Evertheory and Dig Jelly for putting on a very awesome show.  It was nice to be able to share the stage [...]